Montag, 8. März 2010

Okay myfirst Blog today.
It's a short Blog because I'm very tired. Okay First I will tell you something about my day and then you will hear my new fashion trends.
I woke up today and felt great.So I jumped under the shower and dressed up. Then I go to school. My schoolday was almost normal but kind of boring I think. When I was at home again I eat an watched TV and played Mario o Wii.  ;D I was bored and so I went to the fitnesscentre to do some Sports.

Now here are my fashion trends for today.
First: The things I have woren today:
A navy blue shirt and a black Jeans with my new ankle boots the only things wich were interesting of my Outfit today.
I think ankle boots are very cool they are comfortable and look great. I've got  a pair with shoolace. I also think that ash-boots or doc.Martens are some of the best shoes in this moment!

Have you watched the Oscars last night? I think the dresses were a disaster!
Tomorrow it will be a longer post I promise but now good night everybody. <3 xoxo

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